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Year Three.

Today is my 3rd workiversary! Three years ago today was the first day I worked, full-time, for nobody but me. 

In keeping with tradition, here's what I've learned over the last year, and what I hope the next year will bring. (Here's year 2 and year 1).

Two Years of Self-Employment

August 31, 2014 marks two years since I made the big leap: I quit my full-time day job to venture out on my own as a full-time me.  It's been a bumpy but satisfying two years.  I'm going to be in the Dominican Republic that day (woo!) so I'm here a bit early to reflect.

What I've Learned

I covered some of this territory last year, so what's new since then?  

My budget & me.

When I left my day job last fall, I knew one thing:  I needed to make money work for me.  I heard horror stories about freelancers who lived at their desks, who worked through vacations, who stared at rent day in fear.  To evacuate the cozy lifeboat of my full-time job, I needed a lifejacket. Or swimming lessons. (Oh, man, we are entering serious extended metaphor territory; I'm not sorry.)


Laura Holway McGinley was kind enough to interview me for her blog about artists, creativity, makin' money, etc. 

Check out the interview and while you're there, browse!  It's a great blog.  She's been at it for two years now, so it's got a ton of content.

Some highlights:

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