I've got a new business name and a new website. Go to www.smilodoncreative.com to learn all about it! 


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Basic font guidelines. Really basic.

Okay, so I threw 10,000 fonts at you last time.  
I'm sorry. 
10,000 fonts is kind of a waste of time, because...sadly...your website only needs three typefaces, tops.  Here is my extremely simplified font selection rhetoric, which will probably piss off some other designers who want me to tell you all about kerning and x-heights and stuff, but I don't think that's necessary. 

How much does an artist website cost, anyway?

The answer depends on who you ask, how much time and effort you are willing to sink into a project, how much customization you need, any ecommerce functionality, membership services, advanced performance needs, etc. 
That said, the average site I build for artists comes in over $1000 but under $2000 (as of January 2015).  Generally. 
This assumes:

Four questions to answer before you launch your artist website

In the spirit of last week's post, here's a post for the folks at the other end of the spectrum:  You are just about to send your site into the world.  It is frail and small and doesn't know fear or cruelty.  Here are four things you might forget about in the midst of building a website: 

1) How are you going to let the world know about this awesome thing you made? 

Three questions to answer before you (re)design your artist website

So you don't have a website, and you're tired of feeling unprepared when people ask how they can find out more about you. Or maybe you're kind of embarrassed by the site your cousin made for you back in 2005.  It's hard to use, and it's all pepto pink because you were so into that color.  

Time for a new website. 

What are your goals? 


It was one of those silly situations when you realize that you don't have as much time as you thought you did. 
I offered a special price for dancers in advance of the recent Dance/USA conference, and the lovely Penny Freeh took me up on it. Great!  The conference was about a month away and we'd have plenty of time.  She'd been thinking about a web redesign for a couple years and finally felt like the time was right! Then we opened our calendars.  I realized I was out of town for two of the three weeks leading up to the conference.  Whoops!


John came to me to create a brochure site for his new law practice.  He wanted something approachable, in plain English (rather than legalese) and we both wanted to avoid the awful stock photos of "clients" that so many law firms use. We worked together to create this responsive, Minneapolis-inspired site. 

Performance artists deserve websites, too.

Hi, fellow weird performance artist people.
I see you. You're over there, making performance/theater/dance/visual art/post-drama/post-dance/pedestrian/protest/anti-art/Spangbergianist/Viennese actionist work--I see you.  Maybe, if you're like me, you've assigned a name to your work (in my case, dance) and that means you get asked about So You Think You Can Dance all the time. Maybe for you it's Banksy, or maybe it's Death of a Salesman, or maybe it's Phillip Glass.  (If it's any of those, you beat me in the 'what is your art like' game.)


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