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FAQ for Learn, Share, Create website-building workshop

The course materials for the Learn, Share, Create workshop are starting to come together.  It's exciting to have something long-form to work on...until I find myself ranting about something only nominally related and have to rein it back in. People have sent in a few questions about the program, and the answers might be useful to those who are still considering signing up: 

What is the time commitment?

A learning curve.

I remember it well: 

I was sitting cross-legged on the crappy beige carpet of our uptown Minneapolis "garden-level" apartment. My ancient laptop sat in front of me on our faux-mahogany coffee table and an ebook I'd recently purchased was next to me on the floor.  It was printed in black and white on the printer at my day job, on the back of used paper, and poorly stapled together.  It was the first time I'd invested money in my (then-imaginary) career as a web developer. 

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