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Logo Challenge, Day 2: Carol Oyanagi, Creative Writer/Dance Artist

The logo challenge proceeds apace and I begin to wonder if I lost my mind when I planned this out.  It's a bit like the week-long summer dance intensives I used to do: Totally overwhelming in the best possible way. Only difference is my mind is tired and sore instead of my body. Anyway, onward!




Meet the Client

Name: Carol Oyanagi

Logo Challenge, Day 1: My Spiral Motion

Here we go! If you haven't heard about my five-logos-in-five-days challenge, here's a quick overview. But let's get right to the first project:

Meet the Client

Name: Brittany Fridenstine-Keefe
What she does: "Teach private gyrotonic sessions out of my home based studio, and gyrokinesis in various locations. Additionally, I am my own brand for my freelance dancing and dance teaching. I have taught dance for children with special needs, and if I find an outlet to continue that work it will be incorporated into my brand name, My Spiral Motion. My Spiral Motion is the brand I am seeking....although it is very much about myself, I use it heavily for the gyrotonic side of my work, and somewhat spiritually for my dancing inspiration.

Free fonts! Everybody gather round!

One of my favorite things about my new hometown of Los Angels is all the old signage around. I love a good typeface and I love browsing through hundreds of fonts looking for the right one.  Or sometimes...just looking. Window-shopping. You know. 
But fonts get pricy.  Even just one font in multiple weights can break the bank. So....here are some sources for free fonts for your artist website or business card: 
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