I've got a new business name and a new website. Go to www.smilodoncreative.com to learn all about it! 

About me

Hi. I'm Tara. I help performing artists build their audiences and their careers by developing custom websites, logos and designs for them.  

About my work

The most important thing I do is guide artists through the vast, confusing landscape of modern web design and branding.  I work primarily with independent dance artists, dance companies, or studios who need websites, logos and design. 

I do print and web design. I blog every Thursday about technology and the arts.  I make dances. I publish a newsletter where you can learn about new offerings. Take your pick!

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What I actually do

  • Build websites in Drupal and WordPress
  • Design print products - business cards, postcards, t-shirts, and more
  • Create logos
  • Clarify your arts-career goals
  • Devise budget-friendly solutions for your web & print needs
  • Add useful tools to your existing website
  • Clean up website messes
  • Create custom templates & themes
  • Copywrite and edit your words

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A brief history

A few steps on the timeline to becoming a choreographer/web developer:

Twenty-six years ago, I took my first dance class: a combo jazz/tap/gymnastics class in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Twelve years ago, I started working as a print designer while getting my degree at Macalester College. 

Ten years ago, I co-founded a collaborative, award-winning dance company called Mad King Thomas.

Five years ago, I started building websites for myself and other artists.

Two years ago, I started splitting my time between making art and helping other artists figure out the internet. And I ain't looking back. 

My philosophy

I believe that the performing arts are important but undervalued.  I believe that a good website shares your work with a much larger audience, increases your visibility and ideally even improves your bottom line. I want to work together to make your art live online as well as off.  I believe dancers and choreographers deserve thoughtful, innovative approaches to their design problems, to match their thoughtful, innovative work. 

Follow me on Twitter! I only tweet about mac 'n cheese once a month. And Instagram is full of pictures of Los Angeles, my new hometown.