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Read this book!

Today is my birthday! For those of you who don't know me, last year's birthday was kind of incredible.  So, this year, I'm not doing anything for my birthday, but I AM giving you a present:
It's a book written by Andrew Simonet, a choreographer and arts activist, about how to make a living as an artist, which is more or less the drumbeat of my life.  How can all these gorgeously talented, hardworking, intelligent artists I know be happier?
It's beautifully written, well designed and it feels like you are putting the world's most delicious, soothing, rich, organic, wonderful lotion on the itchy, unhappy scab on your artist heart.   Because Andrew gets what it's like to be an artist, and to feel broke and unappreciated all the time, and he has thought about it for a long time. Lucky for us he wrote it down in an elegant, simple, sympathetic fashion and then gave us all a free copy. 
Take an hour of your life and read this book. Dedicate that hour to feeling better about your place in society as an artist.  Let yourself have the time, just because! Because you work hard and you deserve it!   Because it might make your life a little easier and happier and lovelier.  
So, happy birthday! I'd love to hear what you took from it--leave a comment with your favorite quote! I personally can't quite decide.