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Be Prepared: Four unexpected times I have been asked for my business card

There are a handful of times when you know you need to have a business card to be taken seriously.  Conferences, networking events, business trips, meetings--if you don't have a business card on you, well...it can be a little awkward to tear a corner out of your notebook and write your contact info on it.  (I know because I have done this.)  Meanwhile, your new friend is handing you a glossy thing of beauty.

But I've noticed there are times when I am very grateful to Tara of Three Days Ago, who elected to stuff a couple cards into my wallet, just in case.  Here are four times I have been asked for a card and felt really proud I was actually able to supply one:

  1. At my close friend's house.  Now, your friend knows what you do and how to get in touch with you, so why bring a card to dinner?  Because sometimes they want to pass along your information to a third party and you will look more awesome if they have a real business card to pass along instead of a piece of paper that read "taralovesrobots@yahoo.com".
  2. At the restaurant/bank/grocery store.  Almost every time I need to give someone my email address, they ask, "What is sparklingrobots.com?" And then we talk about my work, and then they want a card.  And then I feel like a real grown-up when I hand it to them.
  3. In a taxi I was splitting with a total stranger. 
  4. At my doctor's appointment.  Seriously.  After all the general questions, before getting naked.  It wasn't even that weird!

It all goes to show that people are interested in what you do and would like to know more.  Take yourself seriously and get a business card.  Do it yourself, hire me, I don't care.  But do it!  There is a whole world of people you will meet outside of twitter, and probably they will want your business card so they can follow you on twitter. 

I mean, there can be serious consequences to having an inferior business card: