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I can't begin to process all that is going on at DrupalCon Portland into easily digestible nuggets tonight.  I'm exhausted and I want to get up and do it all over again tomorrow!  But it occurred to me that a quick and dirty summary of each day serves as a window into the strange, magical land of a DrupalCon.  So, without substantial editing and certainly without the time needed to write a truly insightful blog post, here are two thoughts I had/quotes I liked/resources I want to look up/etc. from each session at Day 1 of DrupalCon Portland: 

It's fair to say I chose to learn Drupal for personal reasons--but isn't that how we always choose things? With technical problems, we pretend there is one best solution (and sometimes there is) but the person making the decision is as important as the options they choose between.  So this is a snippet of my personal history. 

This robot LOVES budgets!
When I left my day job last fall, I knew one thing:  I needed to make money work for me.  I heard horror stories about freelancers who lived at their desks, who worked through vacations, who stared at rent day in fear.  To evacuate the cozy lifeboat of my full-time job, I needed a lifejacket. Or swimming lessons. (Oh, man, we are entering serious extended metaphor territory; I'm not sorry.)

Mangroves in water, off Culebra, Puerto Rico. By Tara King.
Laura Holway McGinley was kind enough to interview me for her blog about artists, creativity, makin' money, etc.  Check out the interview and while you're there, browse!  It's a great blog.  She's been at it for two years now, so it's got a ton of content. Some highlights:

I've been doing pushups. 

There are a handful of times when you know you need to have a business card to be taken seriously.  Conferences, networking events, business trips, meetings--if you don't have a business card on you, well...it can be a little awkward to tear a corner out of your notebook and write your contact info on it.  (I know because I have done this.)  Meanwhile, your new friend is handing you a glossy thing of beauty.

Hi. Welcome to the Sparkling Robots blog!  It is, as most blogs are, a place for me to write about things I think about a lot.


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