I've got a new business name and a new website. Go to www.smilodoncreative.com to learn all about it! 


About 9 months ago, I took my sacred hard drive, which holds all of my work samples, to a videographer to get video files of a project we did.    When I got home, I did that squirrel thing: I put a super-important object in a super-secure location and then forgot where I put it.   Fast forward nine months: I am completely unable to find the UNBACKED-UP, COMPLETELY PRECIOUS HARD DRIVE THAT BASICALLY PROVES I AM AN ARTIST. I'm having nightmares. I've torn apart every part of my house where I can imagine it being.   

You guys, this is a little half-baked. But I think it will be fun.   I'm just so damn excited to have all these dance people in Minneapolis, the town where I made myself a dance career, and I want to show it off a little. So here is a Dance/USA scavenger hunt.

First: What is Dance/USA?    It's a membership organization that advocates for dance on a national level. They have an annual conference in a different city every year. You can volunteer and get free tuition for one day of the conference. Update! Minnesota residents can get 50% off the cost of a day pass.  Online registration closes this Friday (May 16th!).   Second: Why should I go?  I had this question myself. Two summers ago, I happened to be in San Francisco when Dance/USA's national conference was happening. Big whoop, I thought. But people kept mentioning it like I should care.  So I went. And here's why I'm going back:

Here are some things I liked reading this week:    This interview with Luciana Achugar about Otro Teatro:  I’m on this quest to make work where the dancer is not in service of this product, but where the work is in service of the dancer.  

Despite having an unbearably poetic name, Heartbleed is not your new favorite band. It's a kind of big deal internet security problem.  Three overviews of Heartbleed: 1) Heartbleed explained by stick figures.    2) A comprehensive hit list of major sites and their Heartbleed status.   

There is exactly one reason I charge for my work:   I like sucking artists dry of the copious resources heaped constantly at their feet. They should not make any money and that people who provide them services should totally make all the money.    If it weren't for that, I'd work for free all the time.     ---   "Why don't you work for free?"   Why do I even feel compelled to answer this? It's a ridiculous thing to consider, isn't it?  

Hi, fellow weird performance artist people.   I see you. You're over there, making performance/theater/dance/visual art/post-drama/post-dance/pedestrian/protest/anti-art/Spangbergianist/Viennese actionist work--I see you.  Maybe, if you're like me, you've assigned a name to your work (in my case, dance) and that means you get asked about So You Think You Can Dance all the time. Maybe for you it's Banksy, or maybe it's Death of a Salesman, or maybe it's Phillip Glass.  (If it's any of those, you beat me in the 'what is your art like' game.)

In honor of Drupal powering one million websites, here are some things I really dig about Drupal*: 1) Drupal can turn you into a Master Builder. So, maybe for some unknowable reason, you haven't seen the Lego Movie yet. The basic thesis of the movie, for those who are unfamiliar, is that creativity and imagination are anarchic, powerful forces...and that they're way better than just building Lego kits. The movie features Master Builders, special characters who can survey an alley and turn it into a motorcycle. That's pretty cool.

Dear readers of this here somewhat-stale blog:  I just passed the 1-year mark of self-employment! There is so much I want to write about what I've learned--pages and pages about client management, coding, preparing for a web project, communities, productivity, personal happiness--but as is always the case when you let your blog lapse, the only cure for a backlog of content is writing.  September 1st, 2012 was the first day I was full-time self-employed. Now, looking back from a year's perspective, I can see how many big, big lessons I learned. 

Next Thursday-Sunday is DrupalCamp Twin Cities, and I'm excited about it for a couple reasons: I couldn't believe how much information I got last year and can't wait to learn more.  It's got a ton of sessions for Drupal newbies and non-coders, which means anyone with a little bit of interest will be able to follow along. I'm giving a talk! My very first presentation since college, and boy, I am excited/terrified.  Let's break this down a bit: 1) LEARNIN'


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