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I've been reading Get Clients Now, by C.J. Hayden. I mean, it's exactly the kind of book I would see in the book store and say: No. Me and you are not meant to be. The cover, the title....it all seems like a scam for desperate freelancers' money. (Sorry, C.J.) But someone I had just met recommended it to me with such clear belief in the book that I basically skipped out the door and bought it.    

Most of my friends cringe in horror at the idea of personal branding, and I share a little of that. It does seem a bit creepy, right? Conforming to a pre-set standard for yourself sounds gross. We contains multitudes, right? Well, here's the thing: I was struggling with those multitudes.    

Hey, all! I'm offering a free logo to 5 of my mailing list subscribers.  I'm really into challenges lately so I'm going to design five logos in five days, as practice for me and as a gift to you. Here's how it works: 

Two weeks ago, I admonished us all to fully commit to what matters and let the rest fall away. Well, sure, easy for you to say.  Here's how I keep the reins on my incredibly long to-do list.  

It's lovey dovey Valentines which is sorta fun but mostly the worst.  I was supposed to write this week about some specific getting-things-done tips, but I got a little carried away by all the chocolate in the store.  Besides, my parents raised me to believe Valentine's Day was for more than making your best beloved feel like crap for not getting you that necklace, so in that spirit, here are a few things I love:    This video, with Mikhail Baryshnikov & Lil Buck:  

Today I'm thinking about overcommitment.  About what it means to say YES to something you can't fully commit to. I love things! I love to try new things, I love to learn new things, and I love to get involved. So I used to say YES to a lot of things because I wanted to be able to do them.  

Last weekend I read about this seven-blog-posts-for-seven-brothers-in-seven-days challenge and decided to accept. My out-laws were in town and I'm launching two big sites next week. Great time for this challenge, right? But I like limited-term, high-commitment projects, building up good blog content has been frustratingly slow, and I had a few good ideas I was excited to write about. So I signed up.

Designers kind of have a reputation.  They're sort of snarky and they always have really cool glasses.  And they absolutely hate anything their boorish clients suggest because GOD did THOSE PEOPLE really suggest MAUVE?!  

Okay, so I threw 10,000 fonts at you last time.     I'm sorry.    10,000 fonts is kind of a waste of time, because...sadly...your website only needs three typefaces, tops.  Here is my extremely simplified font selection rhetoric, which will probably piss off some other designers who want me to tell you all about kerning and x-heights and stuff, but I don't think that's necessary.   

One of my favorite things about my new hometown of Los Angels is all the old signage around. I love a good typeface and I love browsing through hundreds of fonts looking for the right one.  Or sometimes...just looking. Window-shopping. You know.    But fonts get pricy.  Even just one font in multiple weights can break the bank. So....here are some sources for free fonts for your artist website or business card:   


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