I've got a new business name and a new website. Go to www.smilodoncreative.com to learn all about it! 

Into the woods

This week's episode of "As The Site Turns"....

...We venture with our hydra-slaying protagonist into a dark and dreary forest.  (In case you've forgotten the details of our journey, here's the last installment.)  The important part is where I named all the heads of the hydra: 

  • Positus, the head of positioning myself
  • Dropticon, the head of building a site in Drupal 8
  • Beornan, the head of rebranding
  • Utia, the head of putting myself out there
  • Educatus, the head of reading so many books about leadership, personal development and so on.

I admit to losing steam this week.  Reasons, life, sleep deprivation, whatever.  But here is the update from the deep, foggy guts of the forest:

I slew Positus.

Y'all. I positioned the shit out of myself:

I am a web expert who helps arts organizations engage their audiences online.  I'm different from other web developers because I am also a working artist--so I know exactly what arts organizations are looking for.

That's it.  The smallest nibblet of a positioning statement.  It will change and meander and whatever, but I love it. We're down to FOUR hydra heads.  That feels pretty great. 

Renaming my business (or, fighting Beornan) 

I have a really baffling and long list of nouns and concepts related to what I do, which I'm currently planning to cut up, put in a hat and draw out a winning combo.  That's how you do this, right?  

I've named one business-like enterprise before (Mad King Thomas) and until that name appeared, we had a list of truly terrible names, all of which were pretty terrible (Blamefinger? So glad I don't have to say I'm part of a dance collective called Blamefinger. ) I'm assuming that this list of possible names will grow monstrously until finally the right thing appears. It could be tomorrow or five weeks from now; I'm impatient as fuck on this topic, though. It feels like it's holding back a lot of other things.  I'm pretty sure my new site isn't going to live here at sparklingrobots.com, but I'm also not sure I'll be blogging on my new site until Drupal 8 gets a stable release.  And I want to blog.  I don't know, y'all.  There are a lot of decisions that I will make in the future. 

I'm at T-6 business days.  It looks exceedingly unlikely I'll get everything done, but I've done crazier shit before. Stay tuned!