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The squeakiest wheel

I recently joined a facebook group for wellness accountability. On the surface, this seems like the least likely way one could achieve wellness. I don't know about you, but there is nothing about facebook that makes me feel like: Girl, you are TAKING CARE of yourself.

Time on facebook != treat yo'self.

The idea is I check in once a week and let them know how I'm doing in regards to my goals. That's it. Nobody has to respond or anything. 

And it works.

I mention this because I've recently realized that one of the most important parts of my job is guaranteeing accountability. Making sure the project gets done. Not letting things get stalled out by a broken module, or self-doubt. As a solo/independent artist, your attention is pulled in a hundred directions and there's nobody out there to insist that you build this infrastructure for your business. When you hire me, that becomes my job.  I'm here to make sure we move forward and get things done.

With a project as big and complex as building a website can be, it's easy to let fear, self-doubt and squeakier wheels interfere. And what I've learned is that the longer a project takes, the more it runs over budget. The more time we both spend re-learning the peculiarities of this project. The more your vision starts to shift before we've even launched. 

So I've committed myself to being the squeaky wheel for my clients. Along with my charm, my technical ability and my deep archive of funny gifs, I'm here to keep you on track. To answer your questions when you are feeling doubtful. To reassure you that we will get to the finish line and it will be AWESOME. And to remind you over and over again what your priorities actually are. Because your work is important and deserves to be seen.  Find someone who will cheer you on while you work on your website!

What kind of blocks have you run into while working on a website project? I'd love to write about specific issues you've faced.

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