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Open up your wallets, folks.

Today is Give to the Max Day here in Minnesota, a tradition we all love to hate (though we still rush to be part of it). It's a day of collectively and obsessively donating to the cause(s) of your choice. I would guess about half of my donations are countered by donations from the person I just donated to, the old let's-pass-the-same-threadbare-ten-dollar-bill-back-and-forth game. And I love it. 
Many of my current and former clients are fundraising today, including: 


If you want to support the Minnesota dance community whole, donating to DanceMN is the best way to do it! I just stepped down from the steering committee so I can say wholeheartedly: THESE PEOPLE ARE DOING GREAT WORK. If you read the newsletter, you should donate. If you don't read the newsletter, sign up today. 
Give between 10-11am CST and your gift will be boosted by $10!

BodyCartography Project

BodyCartography Project makes smart, mysterious work that touches on what it means to be human in a whole range of ways.  They're raising $5k to pay their dancers a living wage (nice!) and could use your help. 
Give between 10-11am CST and your gift will be boosted by $10!

Mad King Thomas

Is it cheating to list my own dance company? Mad King Thomas is ALSO a client. We're putting together our 10th Anniversary show, and we need $5,000 matching funds for a $10,000 grant we received. It's going to be a glittery, gender-bendy, funny night looking back at ten years of embarrassing ourselves for the greater good. 
Give between 10-11am CST and your gift will be boosted by $10!


WaterLegacy is fighting to protect water quality from really awful mining projects in northern Minnesota. They're a small organization and they stretch every dollar they get.  You won't regret helping them fight for the future of Minnesota's north woods. 

Kaleena Miller

Kaleena is amazing. She flies around the world, tap dancing for the masses, and somehow still finds time to make new work and ALSO start the Twin Cities Tap Festival (not to mention the three years of her life when she created the Dance Community Newsletter from many farflung locations).  She works hard and deserves every penny. 
Give between 10-11am CST and your gift will be boosted by $10!
I love working with these folks and I think you'll love what they do with your money. 
Who are you giving to on Thursday? If you have no idea what all this Northern Fundraising Kerfluffle is about, who do you donate to every year?