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Logo Challenge, Day 5: Fan Art Logo

Day 5 is upon us! Only two more logos after this. 

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Meet the Client

Name: Paul Schulzetenberg    
Work: I'm a web developer, but the logo I would like is for an early 90s style football card set. 
Previous logo:
Where do you want to use the logo: Something designed to be printed on a set of football cards based on an early 90s computer football game. The logo identifies the set, but will be printed pretty small so that there's room for the rest of the information. It'll be printed on the front and maybe back of the card, but maximum of half inch by half inch. Tentative idea is to use the logo screen grab with the bunny from the beginning of the game and add the word 'collection' at the bottom.
What three words would you like associated with the project? Retro, customized, faithful-to-source
What three words would you NOT like associated with the project? Blase, generic, cut-rate

The Project

This logo is a different beast entirely--it's more like fan art than a new identity.  So the process was a little bit different and didn't involve much research. I basically knew what I wanted to do as soon as he asked: I wanted to change the color & the animal featured. Reminiscent but not identical. I know Paul pretty well*, so I decided to make the animal into a gray cat: 
Paul's cat, Caesar
And the color is purple, because that's Paul's favorite. So here's where I ended up: 
Pixel work is not something I do very often, but I enjoy it. So precise. So specific. So abstract. With just a few strategically placed squares, I remove the rabbit's teeth and make a cat muzzle.  It's like magic. And here it is in tiny size, more like how it'll be on the cards: 
Obviously, neither of us owns the copyright for this logo, and it's not going to be used commercially--just a fun item to represent a passion project.
*Disclaimer: We've been dating for almost ten years.