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Logo Challenge, Day 4: Jessica Cressey Pilates

You guys, I have two confessions:
1) I took yesterday off, and...
2) There are actually seven logos in the challenge.  Surprise! I got a little carried away. 
What this means is we're on Day 4! If you're new to the logo challenge, here are a few links to catch up: 

Meet the Client

Name: Jessica Cressey Pilates
Work: I have had a small Pilates studio in Cowles Center for 15 years.  I have never advertised but I think it is about time to stop lurking in the shadows of a building that has potential business.  My business is very simple and intimate.  It is quality movement instruction for Pilates enthusiasts.  My studio is a sanctuary and laboratory.  My sessions and workshops probe the depths of human movement and investigate Pilates' potential for creating health.
Website/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: www.jessicacresseypilates.com (How good does that logo look?!)
Previous logo: none 
Where you want to use the logo: Print items--a flyer for the elevators in Cowles Center, letterhead for my workshop syllabi, and invoices/receipts for workshops that are presented nationally/internationally.  A website might be nice, but things are working out without one.
Three words you want associated with you: Balance, health, harmony
Three words you do NOT want associated with you: Skinny, bitchy, bacon
Ms. Cressey is one of two participants I know outside the challenge.  She's an amazing dancer & has the best style. 

The Project

As before, research starts it: Look at other Pilates studios, typefaces, and more. Make a Pinterest board. This time I also looked up the basic concepts of Pilates to make sure I was working from something semi-legitimate. As we've seen before (with dance & Gyrotonic logos), there are like one million human silhouettes.  (Today was the day I realized I'm never going to make a logo with a human silhouette if I can help it. I spent 18 years of my life having to wear one and I'm done. Besides, they're so literal and so...skinny.)
I put together a list of resonant words: Intimate, sanctuary, laboratory, centered, strong core, precise, balance, harmony. And then I started sketching. 
First I worked with the centered/strong core and ended up with a Hipster Logo.  Nope.  Then I focused on the initials: JCP.  Which I quickly realized could veer dangerously close to department store territory. And then I started looking at pictures of Pilates movements and sketching those, but in a really stripped down form. I mean, not even stick figures, but basic lines with a dot to mark the center of gravity. As I drew more and more of them, it started to look a little mysterious, like a secret language. Like laboratory diagrams.  
So I settled on the five most interesting shapes and started laying them out.  With all of them together it looked a little like some kind of alien language, which I liked. But it felt a little too abstract. It looks like a made-up alphabet, which is cool, but not remotely related to Pilates. 
So I just tried one at a time, starting here: 
I liked it! But it felt a little...unrestrained. Like maybe it looks like grass. So I put a diamond around it: 
Butt logo.
And I liked it more! But after looking at it a minute, I realized...it totally looks like a butt. And...although Pilates involves your butt, and although Jessica has a wicked sense of humor....I couldn't bring myself to use a butt-logo without explicit permission.
So. I tried a different Pilates-glyph and that was the winner: 
I replaced the diamond with a triangle because the glyph felt a bit unanchored. Maybe that's just me knowing that it's a human figure, but I really felt like it should be on the bottom. 
Let's talk briefly about colors.  The previous projects either had a predetermined color or I decided against color based on the current branding.  So I had some leeway here! Freedom! Responsibility! Blue is calming, stable, intelligent.  Green is a color of growth, harmony and vitality.  Both sounded promising. As you can see in the samples, I tried a lot of variants. Ultimately I thought the green and blue weren't working together, and green alone looked a little too environmental. So, several dozen shades of blue later, here's where we landed. 
I also opted to include Jessica's three words, which I almost never do. I think it balances the logo a bit better--without it, the name of the business is just an enormous platform.  With the subtitle, it both clarifies that mysterious triangle and balances the logo in terms of height/width and color.