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Logo Challenge, Day 3: Susan Marshall, WordPress Virtual Assistant

If you're new to the logo challenge, here are a few links to catch up: 

Meet the Client

Name: Susan Marshall
Work: I am a virtual assistant that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses maintain websites. I primarily work on WordPress sites but I still have a couple of clients with html sites. I can install, customize themes, update plugins, make changes to just about anything related to them. I also have an emphasis on seo, technical support with errors, html, css, integration with shopping carts, paypal, email marketing services and one-on-one training. I've never had a logo and would like something with just my name which would match the name of my website. (i.e. Susan Marshall VA) My favorite color is blue which is the primary color in my site now.  
Previous logo: None (although this is what is currently on her website:)
Where do you want to use the logo: I would like to use this for my website at www.susanmarshallva.com.
Three words you want associated with you: WordPress Virtual Assistant

The Project

As with the previous two days (sorry, this might be like chapter 2 of the Babysitters' Club novels), I dug into Susan's online presence, similar businesses and a bunch of typefaces. Here's the Pinterest board for Susan's logo.  I didn't find a ton of true logos for VAs--I found a lot more website headers.  A lot of them have some kind of stock photo/illustration of a woman, which was not my thing and I feel like it may not be Susan's thing, because her site uses a lot of elegant icons instead of cheesy illustrations.  So I decided we were almost certainly going to end up with a strictly typographic treatment (aka no non-letters). 
Unsurprisingly (because I am a letter nerd), I really love the almost-symmetry of the V and A right next to each other...and so do other designers.  Susan's entire online persona is very professional and neutral. She's not wacky or cutesy or anything like that (says the woman with a houndstooth background)--she gets the job done well, and that's what matters. I looked for a long, long time at typefaces.  I kept trying different arrangements of the words "Susan", "Marshall", "VA" and "virtual assistant".  I kept thinking that I could do something awesome with that V & A combo.  I made them into a little person. I made them enormous next to her small name. I tried more fonts. I ripped off the WordPress logo with a VA instead of a W. It seemed hopeless. Was I just too tired? 
And then I remembered the Pinterest board. 
And that's where I rediscovered the typeface that made it all work: 
The typeface (Pirou) is professional but not boring. It's inspired by Didot, which is a classic.  It's similar but not identical to the WordPress typeface. It makes VA look great, and it makes a nice square version (which not all typefaces will do): 
Why grey and blue? Well, the blue is taken directly from Susan's current site (and it's her favorite color!) WordPress uses a similar grey and blue very heavily, so rather than my total rip-off idea from earlier, I wanted to gently reference it in the color scheme as well.  
And now...to bed. To dream of slab serifs and hexcodes.