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Logo Challenge, Day 1: My Spiral Motion

Here we go! If you haven't heard about my five-logos-in-five-days challenge, here's a quick overview.  But let's get right to the first project: 


Meet the Client

Name: Brittany Fridenstine-Keefe
What she does: "Teach private gyrotonic sessions out of my home based studio, and gyrokinesis in various locations. Additionally, I am my own brand for my freelance dancing and dance teaching. I have taught dance for children with special needs, and if I find an outlet to continue that work it will be incorporated into my brand name, My Spiral Motion.  My Spiral Motion is the brand I am seeking....although it is very much about myself, I use it heavily for the gyrotonic side of my work, and somewhat spiritually for my dancing inspiration. 

Brittany Fridenstine-Keefe

Previous logo: None 
Where do you want to use the logo? Print--ads and brochures, website, and business cards. 
Which three words do you want associated with you? Spiral, Personal, Quality
Which three words do you NOT want associated with you? Pilates, Tension, Expensive

The Project

First, I reviewed all the information about My Spiral Motion I could find (including getting a sneak peek at the new website she's building). Then I reviewed other, similar businesses and the branding they use. Next I started looking at various typefaces, looking for something that invoked the words she wanted (as well as "spiritual" from her description of her work).  I also wanted to find a free typeface, so Brittany can incorporate it in the rest of her branding without a big cost burden.
I created a Pinterest board to track the typefaces, images and logos I found (you can see it here).  I sketched out a bunch of ideas on paper, then jumped into Illustrator to get to work.  Though a lot of the typefaces are very spirally, I found them a bit too complicated and fussy. After several drafts, I finally settled on this: 
Gyrotonic logo

And in a horizontal setup:
Gyrotonic logo
Though I'm not experienced in Gyrotonics, I used my experience as a dancer to think about how the body spirals (and, okay--I got up and practiced a few) and incorporated that into the sketches.  Because Brittany didn't request any specific colors and doesn't use any colors in her current branding, I decided to stay with a gray & black color palette. The change from grey to black increases the sense of motion and gives a bit more interest to the logo. Having the darkest color on bottom anchors the logo in the way that a spiral anchors the body even as you reach up and out. 

I also added the three words on the bottom to incorporate the whole of My Spiral Motion's work, since it includes dance, education and Gyrotonic/gyrokinesis. I put it in Futura, which is a typeface Brittany's using on her new site, so this will help the logo fit in with the work she's already done. 
I went back and forth about the extra spiral several times but ultimately I kept it: it draws the eye up and out and back to the motion concept. 
Phew.  Day 1 done, five more to go!
p.s. If you're interested in getting a logo that will move your business forward and make you feel proud to hand out your business cards, contact me