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Free fonts! Everybody gather round!

One of my favorite things about my new hometown of Los Angels is all the old signage around. I love a good typeface and I love browsing through hundreds of fonts looking for the right one.  Or sometimes...just looking. Window-shopping. You know. 
But fonts get pricy.  Even just one font in multiple weights can break the bank. So....here are some sources for free fonts for your artist website or business card: 
Google Fonts - If you haven't tried it, do. It's free. It's massive. The search and preview tools are great.  Everyone ever uses it.
1001 Fonts - They have over 5000 fonts. Lots and lots of decorative typefaces, not as many that would be useful for your main blog copy.  Each font has its own license.  There are also a lot of tribute/parody/ripoff fonts of famous typefaces, which may or may not be legal. So...choose carefully.
FontHaus - FontHaus has (as of right this second) 475 free fonts available! 
HypeforType - I kind of have a crush on this one
FontSquirrel - It's called a Free Font Utopia; what's not to love?
Behance - Behance is a graphic design social network sorta thing that makes me feel guilty for not maintaining a portfolio there. But in any case, other designers DO keep a portfolio there, and some of those portfolios offer free fonts, as I just discovered!
Chank.com - Free fonts! Like gray hairs, they're everywhere once you start looking.
Exljbris -  I admit to being smitten with Museo Sans and Museo Slab (both partially paid), but there are a handful of free fonts here as well.
Alright. I literally just linked you to well over 10,000 free fonts.  If that's not enough to keep you busy for a while, well, I don't know what is. 
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