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5 powerful and free ways to improve your arts website
This new year has been more of a hold-steady than a shake-it-up kind of transition for me.  If that's where you are, too--still working towards a goal, not ready for a new one--this blog post might be useful to you.  Sometimes it's not in the cards to get an entirely new website, but your old one could use a little facelift, right?  In that spirit, here are five easy and free ways to improve your arts website and kick off the new year right. 1) Update!

This year I stopped making a list of people's business book recommendations and started actually reading them. Blogs can be great but I wanted something meatier.  As a service provider, you are your own best asset so I wanted books that would give me some concrete steps to take to make my life happier, healthier and more productive.    And here, in order from awesomest to worst, are my thoughts:  

Today is my 3rd workiversary! Three years ago today was the first day I worked, full-time, for nobody but me.  In keeping with tradition, here's what I've learned over the last year, and what I hope the next year will bring. (Here's year 2 and year 1).

This week's episode of "As The Site Turns".... ...We venture with our hydra-slaying protagonist into a dark and dreary forest.  (In case you've forgotten the details of our journey, here's the last installment.)  The important part is where I named all the heads of the hydra: 

Time for an update on this whole redesign project. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, this should catch you up.) I don't know who thought this share-early-and-often, redesign-everything project was a good idea, but if I ever find out... Anyway, it's a complicated endeavor.  It has a lot of moving parts, like a horrible marketing hydra.  So I'm giving each head a pseudo-intellectual name to keep it all organized:

Do you guys know Tara Mohr, or her book, Playing Big? I've been craving big action and wanting an antidote to the tiny paper cuts of sabotage that I put myself through every day.  So I put Playing Big on my reading list for the month, to jump start my bossiness and get things moving. 

So, one of the things that us Web Profeshes do all the time is yell about user testing. and usability. True story: We build websites not for our clients (sorry!) but for our clients' users (even though we love our clients and you have 100% great ideas!)  

Okay, y’all. A bit of a nerdtown departure from the usual.  I was recently trying to install drush on a shared DreamHost server, which I know is 100% possible because I’ve done it. But I could not remember how I did it and I had to stitch together like 13 different instructions and it made me literally curl up in a ball on my bed. So, here is my personal guide to installing drush on a shared DreamHost server.  (Updated 11/20/15 for PHP 5.6)

I recently joined a facebook group for wellness accountability. On the surface, this seems like the least likely way one could achieve wellness. I don't know about you, but there is nothing about facebook that makes me feel like: Girl, you are TAKING CARE of yourself. Time on facebook != treat yo'self. The idea is I check in once a week and let them know how I'm doing in regards to my goals. That's it. Nobody has to respond or anything.  And it works.

The course materials for the Learn, Share, Create workshop are starting to come together.  It's exciting to have something long-form to work on...until I find myself ranting about something only nominally related and have to rein it back in. People have sent in a few questions about the program, and the answers might be useful to those who are still considering signing up:  What is the time commitment?


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